For Panalpina, international carrier, we have developed an incident management software, in real time and with alarms.
This solution answered a need of the company to follow in real time the delivery incidents at the world level. Their answer and reactivity is essential for the company. Thanks to the software, every Panalpina entity in the world gets access to the same information in real time, and the collaborators involved in the generated incident can very quickly set up an action plan to remedy it.

Today this solution is used by more than 8,000 partners all around the world, with more than 1,000 daily connections and more than 400  daily incidents handled. A very nice reference.


IDEA, a company specialized in the management of industrial equipement export expressed the need to reach information related to their activity in an automated way  (packaging, logistics, traceability, etc.) to improve the follow-up of their projects (from anywhere and in real time) and win in efficiency.

The proposed and organized solution allows at the moment an immediate access to the information from an Internet browser without any geographical barriers.

The IWT solution became essential for the company smooth running and is used by more than 60 collaborators who connect themselves anytime anywhere in the world.


Socaine, a human -ressource –service- company based in Morocco announced us their centralization problem and follow-up of the information; the company has got several activities on three sites, every entity get a very specific activity sector. The collecting of the information was previously made by Microsoft file Access realized by companies, by customers and by temps.
To answer this need, we developed a specific application allowing another Customer- contract- management and temps, a follow-up of the temporary missions, an automatic invoicing, a payslip  follow-up, the whole in immediate access from an Internet browser.net.

This solution is used by all the employees of three sites. More than 20 people connect themself simultaneously every day.
This solution is evolutionary and new features are regularly added.


Flamenco, a travel agency specialized in groups circuits in Spain asked us to automate their vouchers creation. Thanks to Flamenco.net, it does not have to seize anymore manually the set of vouchers distributed to every customer for the group travels.

A time-saving for these vouchers emission, which are generated automatically every time for 50 to 300 people, even 1500 people! Thanks to its expertise, a reference in circuits through Andalusia, Flamenco have allowed to realize dreams of numbers of Works councils in the automobile, bank and insurance companies.

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