Created in 2006, S2i Evolution is a quite young team which makes his first strength of the listening of the needs of his customers. The company made up with three engineers graduated in commercial computing offers diverse computing solutions: computer hardware, training in computing, website design Internet, referencing, Microsoft asp.NET.

In 2013, fortified by many years of experience in software development for international major groups, and e-commerce website for SME, the company decided to develop its own management software for Web traders.

S2i Evolution was a finalist of the Alsace Innovation trophy thanks to its accounting management software (GEnI Business) compatible with the Cms Prestashop.


The captain

His special skill is the financial and administrative management, a thorough and meticulous man. Engineer in computing, he perfectly knows how to put computer equipments up as no one.

The business manager

He is been handed the Geek hat of development of software, but he also manages the follow-up and the development of the GEnI business’ activity in Europe. Computer engineer, half French-half Spanish, and soccer player, the soccer-lover federates the team.

The project manager

 It is also the big guru of the software GEnI business. Esthete, he leaves no room for the vague approximation; and the customers really appreciate that. Another computer engineer! And try to know why everybody calls him Dadou.

The communication manager

Keen on business, he is always on the lookout of new development! GEnI retailers team builder in French-speaking countries, he is also our customers referent in France. Moreover, if you have any question: «hello Anthony? »

The web designer

It is the artist of S2i Evolution. He likes creating graphic universes and developing them through Web, meticulous and perfectionist, he always finds the perfect answer to your need.

the searcher

This is the new programmer to the team! computer engineer in the making, it stacks the code as a construction set lego, his passion.

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